Jail Division

Total Number of Inmates Listed :

Christian Stroud

Rod McGownd
Assistant Jail Commandor

Jon Winkler
Jail Commander

David Howe

Robin Hinds

Jennifer Mcaninch

The Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center was built between 1990 and 1991. The sheriff when the building was built was Sheriff Russell Cunningham who was completing his second four-year term when the facility was built. The new facility was built on the west end of High Street, replacing the old jail that was located just next to the courthouse.

The Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center is a 200+ bed facility that also accommodates the sheriff’s department. The Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center has 24-hour-a-day surveillance cameras that keep a constant eye on both the inside and outside of the facility. In addition to the above listed offices, there is also an attached sally port where inmates are unloaded from vehicles. The sally port is completely secure and keeps inmates from fleeing an officer and trying to escape while being escorted from the police car to the jail. The Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center is equipped with computers and other modern-day equipment in order to keep the facility an up-to-date law enforcement building.


VINE is the Indiana County Jails’ automated victim notification service. It provides information through this website about the custody status of offenders in Indiana jails.


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