October 26th, 2017 / John Lee / Comments Off on NEWS RELEASE

October 26, 2017

Dearborn County residents are receiving calls from “Deputy Debby,” 812.496.0103, stating she is with the Civil Process division and there was a warrant for their arrest for missing jury duty.  “Deputy Debby” stays on the phone with the victim and advises them to avoid being arrested they need to go to a CVS or Kroger and pay in green dot money. (approx. $2500 on average is being sent) “Deputy Debbie” then advises the victim to go to the Sheriff’s office to pick up their receipt. THIS IS A SCAM!!! IF THERE IS AN ACTIVE WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST, A UNIFORMED OFFICER, IN A MARKED PATROL CAR, WILL COME TO YOUR HOME TO SERVE THE WARRANT ON YOU.News Release-Computer