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 The Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office offers the Internet “inmate search” feature as a public service to interested citizens. While the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office strives to ensure accuracy of this information, it makes no guarantees as to the reliability of the data. Under no circumstances will the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, with regard to any and all information obtained through the use of this service.

Please NOTE: The charges displayed may not be the final charges from the Prosecutors Office,  it is the charges entered in Booking from Information given by the Arresting Officers for Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office, Aurora Police, Greendale Police, Lawrenceburg Police and the Indiana State Police.  


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Although every effort is made to keep the information accurate and current, it cannot be guaranteed. You are cautioned that the information is based upon the documentation the Dearborn County Sheriff's Office receives. By using this search tool, you acknowledge that you understand that it is solely your responsibility to verify any information you may obtain herein before relying on said information for any type of legal action.

By INDIANA LAW we can not post DOB or Images of Inmates.

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